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Disciplinary Guidelines

Disciplinary Guideline

We have changed some of the policies and procedures regarding disciplinary hearings and decisions to become more fully compliant with Regulation 17, 18 and 20 of the World Rugby handbook.

The E.C. has put together a Tribunal, per Reg 17, that will monitor, pass judgement and adjudicate all of the disciplinary matters within the Union.

This will allow us to have people whom have thoroughly read the rules and how to apply them and make swifter and more efficient decisions.

The Tribunal will be comprised of our Disciplinary Committee members. 

  1. Meetings for any D.C. matters will be held Mondays at 7pm via Conference call.
  2. Any appeals to those decisions will be held the Following Wednesday 7pm via Conference call. 
  3. For any red cards issued. Your team is required to take a picture of the offender that day and email it to this We are going to do everything we can to eliminate red carded players playing the next weekend. The Ref will confirm the identity and that photo will be sent to that teams opponent's to ensure compliance. If you do not do this your team will face sanctions.
  4. Sideline measures will be enforced to the fullest extent. Your Division reps will be addressing these guidelines more in depth over the following weeks. If you think its wrong? It probably is. 
  5. READ REGULATION 17, 18 & 20. It is your duty as your team's administrator to have a working knowledge of this regulation as it is how we arrive at our decisions and make our Judgments.  

Lastly we will do our best to stay with the Monday DC meetings, but understand circumstances will sometimes dictate that this meeting will not come about at that exact time. We will do our best to hold them in a timely manner and address the issues as we can. Additionally, we do not want to dissuade you from appealing any decisions, however if you do appeal we expect you to present evidence that changes why the decision was made or showcase to us that we improperly applied a law. But keep in mind that any decision is open to revaluation and if you appeal with none of those things we can apply the laws in a more stricter application if we feel that it is merited.