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Rain Make-Up Guide

Rain Make-Up Guidelines

Please take the time to know this as we are expecting more rain this season.

  1. All Divisions
    1. If a game must be canceled due to weather conditions, the home team shall use its best efforts to notify the visiting team and the assigned referee of the cancellation as soon as possible after the cancellation is determined
    2. Upon cancellation, the visiting team shall have the opportunity to secure a field and host the match on the day originally scheduled.
    3. If the visiting team is unable or chooses not to secure a field in response to the cancellation. The procedure for rescheduling shall be determined by the league make up date

Note: it is suggested that all visiting teams, secure a tentative field location for all away games that can be used as an alternative should the home team cancel due to weather.

  1. League makeup dates (All Divisions) and policy:

Make up games must be played not later than the NEXT scheduled Rain Make Up Date and the date, time and location communicated to the Division Representative and SCRRS for the scheduling.

Alternative Date Options are:

  1. Dates set by ACR2 (Rain Make Up Dates)
  2. All games will be played on the first available weekend.
  3. An alternative to those dates can be back-to-back games on a league weekend or a mid-week game.
  4. Or to be determined by the ACR2 Committee.
  1. Subject to Subdivision (A)(5) above, if a visiting team has traveled for the purpose of playing the scheduled fixture, and arrives at the venue only to find out that it cannot be played for other than weather conditions, then the fixture, if possible, shall be rescheduled to be played at the visiting team’s site. 
  2. The Master Schedule is the Union’s only vehicle for transmitting information to clubs, and the Referees’ Society regarding fixtures. Flagrant disregard of the schedule will undermine the purpose of the Union, and repeated offenders will be dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee.
  3. All un-played league matches will be considered a loss for both teams unless otherwise determined by the ACR2 Committee, if such matches are not played as directed by the ACR2 Committee.