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SoloShot General Guide

SoloShot Setup

If you have purchased a Soloshot and are looking for the best settings to get the most from your Soloshot and to cover your game, I recommend the following settings.  These will be modified as we get additional feedback and games captured.

  • Reduce the quality of the video to give a longer battery life
    • Using 1080p with no WiFi will be enough for 1 game of rugby.
    • Reduce to 720p with no WiFi if you want to capture two games.
  • Broadcasting
    • If you received a discount on purchasing the Soloshot, this was to offset the cost of broadcasting for the first season.
    • To broadcast, create an account and sign into it.
    • You can then "Go Live" by using either WiFi or a WiFi hotspot at your game in order to broadcast.
    • Currently there is an issue with AT&T as it won't stream.  This is currently being looked at by Soloshot for them to provide a solution.
  • Battery Charging
    • When you first charge the battery, it will state that the device is 100%
    • Make sure the corresponding tag also states that it's at 100% as they charge and report separately.
  • Setup
    • Give yourself at least 30 minutes to setup the system.
    • Make sure there are no power lines or overhead cover where you place the camera.
    • Give it 30 minutes to track the tag.  The more you use it, the better it gets.
    • Check the video has the referee in the center.  If it doesn't you can recenter it using the focus.

I have tried Field settings with Wide and Extra Wide and both work well.  Wide is good if you have a referee who will keep up with play but Extra Wide is good if you have one who trails behind play.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments or guidance based on your own experience at



SoloShot Online Video

After you capture your videos, you probably would like to watch them.  To do this I have been successful with the following steps:

  • Copy the mp4 files from the SD card onto your computer
  • Using Windows 10, you can use the Photos application to view the videos.
  • You can then use the Create a video with music option to start pieces the videos together.
  • You can add the mp4 videos to the creation and organize them so that they all become a single video.
  • Then you export the video in high quality.
    • This will take longer and produce a larger file but it's worth it.
  • Then you can create a YouTube account and upload the video. 
    • Using YouTube you avoid any problems with streaming quality or being able to share it.
    • You can make the video public or private on YouTube depending on what is needed.